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About The Winter Shack + Winter Shack|Season 2 Schedule of Events Installment 1: Forecast > Lo 32° Feels like 25° Dead Horse Bay/Dead Garden  Under Water New York and Lara Bank + Winter Shack|Season 1 + Installment 1: 58°F Amina Cain, Benjamin Miller, Elianna Mesaikos + Installment 2: 45°F: Cosomorama of the Pandomonium of Wallstreet Becky Sellinger and Aaron…

Fixing the Mess – Cleaning up the toxic legacy of the Distant Early Warning Line across the Canadian Arctic

Originally posted on Arctic Junkie:
Up Here Magazine, October/November 2012 Martin Allinson landed at Cape Dyer with a bang. His DC-4 came down short of the runway, bounced nearly 100 feet in the air, then limped to a halt, its wings damaged but its tires miraculously still inflated. As the 24-year-old British-born electrical engineer shakily…

Marshall McLuhan’s DEW-Line Newsletter (1968-70)

Originally posted on McLuhan Galaxy:
The Marshall McLuhan DEW-Line Newsletter was “an early warning system for the changing age we live in”. It was issued by media theorist, commentator and critic Marshall McLuhan [between 1968 and 1970], and included several loose-leaf facsimile papers on the nature of media, society and advertising, loose-leaf reproduced advertisements, and typographic experiments.…

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: HAM Radio Operators in St. John’s, NL

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: HAM Radio Operators in St. John’s, NL Intermedia artist Michael McCormack is looking for a licensed HAM Radio operator with a HF Rig and associated license for technical assistance and mentorship during a project for the Art Marathon Festival Art Crawl in St. John’s, NL on August 15th, 2014. The individual would … Continue reading