STATION at the Brigus Tunnel

Here’s a quick post of mainly some images from the installation on July 10th. It was a great way to end my stay in Brigus, a number of people visited from St. John’s to see the work and the talk, so there was a good mix of folks from Brigus and St. John’s there. The installation itself was rather painless (Hoskins did most of the work!), up in half a day, with many helping hands, Joe, Andy, Sue, Elizabeth, David, and Ray, all from the Landfall Trust, were extremely helpful that day and evening. STATION was installed in the tunnel from around 8:30pm until 11:15 or so, and exceeded my expectations of the visual presence of the piece. The Audio worked out beautifully, thanks to Tim Crabtree for lending me the recorder.


The set up was a little finicky, but overall pretty simple, using three panels that I made with 2×2 lumber and translucent strips of corrugated plastic to provide a sort of lamp shade for the lights, which responded to the audio signal, sating as a sort of beacon to the location of the tunnel.



The panels were staggered so you could still experience both walking through the tunnel as well as the fully lit backdrop when entering the tunnel.


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