There are a lot of quiet moments out here, way more than I am used to. I reassure myself often that this is a healthy thing for me. I have more time and space than I feel I have ever had, which has helped me to slow down, and contemplate ideas and what is around me a bit more, which is a luxury for me these days and I think helps me think offers a refreshing work ethic.

The shed near the entrance of the property has been perfectly suited to work on the structural elements of STATION, which basically consists of three light wooden frames custom shaped to fit together to cover the mid section of the inside of the Brigus Tunnel. I have made all of the necessary measurements and it all fits nicely in the shed. A major bonus is the ridiculously beautiful waterfall on the land, which makes for good company while working. I actually laughed and shook my head in disbelief a number of times entering the property.

Workshed area 1


This worksheet nearly teetered off the cliff last year until Ray the site manager at Landfall propped it up.

Another thing is the SW reception here at Landfall and in Brigus in general is incredible. My first two evenings here I spent listening to AM radio, and the next two I managed to get out the SW radio which has picked up at least a dozen or so more stations here than I would in Halifax. I’m not sure exactly why, less interference perhaps, or the location being right on the ocean and up upon a cliff? Sttions from India, Central America, The Vatican, Southern, U.S., Mexico, Middle East, and even the CBC! I notice right away the difference in how these stations broadcast from one another, and how they spin different angles on world issues. For instance the Obama visit to South Africa has such a different ring to it coming from India than it does the CBC.

In my day-to-day life in Halifax, as much as I miss it, I have never thought that I had time to sit down and think about these comparisons. I guess a major personal goal during this residency is to gather momentum, and learn how to incorporate some positive work habits into my daily life in Halifax.  I don’t mean that I should be working necessarily harder or more, but to learn how to enjoy what I am doing in a considerate and reflective manner. This can be difficult at times back home, with so many responsibilities, distractions and activities. Being able to have to time and space to listen to myself and surroundings is invaluable.

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