FIELD, presented by Centre For Art Tapes @ Nocturne 2012!

Michael McCormack : FIELD
October 13, 6pm-Midnight – Garrison Grounds – Nocturne 2012
Title: FIELD
Medium: electro-sculptural installation
Throughout the 2011-12 CFAT Electronics Residency, artist Michael McCormack connected with his grandfather Berton Cosman on his experiences discovering shortwave radio as a young boy in the late 1930’s, his lifelong enthusiasm using the technology as a hobbyist, and eventually as a professional through his involvement in the DEW Line project as a telecommunications engineer. McCormack’s installation FIELD combines interactive electronic lighting with shortwave and FM radio signals exploring both the historical and familial usages of SW Radio. FIELD highlights the importance of listening, and inter-generational mentorship through one of the first precursors to social media today.
Michael McCormack is an interdisciplinary artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was the founder and custodian of the McCleave Gallery of Fine Art since 2002, until the suitcase gallery merged with the Suitcase Art Gallery Space Research Institute (SAGSRI) in 2007. Michael currently works as the Director of Eyelevel Gallery and representative for the Association of Artist-run Centres from the Atlantic. He has co-curated exhibitions throughout Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, and Ireland, and exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries, festivals and artist-run centres across Canada.
This project would not be possible without the support of Halifax Regional Municipality’s Residency Initiative Program and Halifax Citadel National Historic Site of Canada.

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