Art In The Open

I just received some exciting news that FIELD will be featured in Art In The Open 2012 for it’s premier exhibition. Turns out all of the funding is lined up thanks to a presentation grant from Nova Scotia Communities, Culture and Heritage. The exhibition will be presented by the Confederation Centre for the Arts on the night of August 25th 4pm-midnight, at Victoria Park in Charlottetown.

A ton of exciting work by other artists will be there as well including Lisa Lipton, Damien Worth, Konrad Wendt, Gail Hodder, Mitchel Wiebe, Aaron Weldon, and many others, about 35 in total throughout Charlottetown. I had the opportunity to attend this event last year as a spectator and really fell in love with it. Art In The Open was put on by This Town Is Small, and the Confederation Centre Last Year, and just had such a thoughtful, relaxed feeling to everything.

I’ll be heading there this Sunday for a site visit, and will be busy getting all of the synchronized lighting components together in the CFAT lab. Luckily, I am able to bring mastermind Lukas Steinman with me for tech help for the install in August, which I’m sure will save a ton of grief!!

Lots to do that competes with computer time, so I’ll have to update more later, what a great feeling!



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