Yard Sale Haven

I just picked up this little RCA Victor M-45A beauty at a garage sale outside of Bridgewater. It is in excellent condition and has a lot of charm as well. The woman who I bought it from refurbished the front with some really nice floral pattern. The wood is in beautiful condition, the only slight flaw is the power cable is a little dry so need to be replaced. Otherwise, it’s perfect, receives three SW bands and AM!

 Made in Montreal in 1946/47, this model was fairly common in Canadian households when SW started becoming more available to domestic everyday users. When researching this model I came across this website for the Bayhead Radio Museum between Tatamagouche and Wallace Nova Scotia. This site looks a little out of date, so I am unsure if the museum still exists, but definitely I will have to look into it as it is so close to home.

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