Telephone FM Transmitter – haven’t tried it yet!

Put together a Telephone FM transmitter from a kit today at the lab while listening to Seaside FM. So much to say about that but I’m pretty exhausted after a busy day. It felt great though to be working on something that is not digital. So I will keep it that way and sign out for the night and leave you with a few pics.

I thought a lot today about ice fishing on the Kennebecasis River , which I’ve never been, but always really appreciated from a distance! The fishing shacks resemble that of the DEW line in their temporary ‘easy come easy go’ functionality, and speak in many common circles to that of shortwave and HAM radio users. I think I enjoy the individuality of each ice fishing shack as a signature of it’s inhabitant equally as much as the uniform utilitarian nature of the DEW line architecture. Both have a simplicity amongst their demeanour that speaks to the harsh landscape that they are amongst.

I also picked up a small speaker from someone on kijiji today that may be fun to work with.

Thanks kijiji!

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