Inspirational Links

These are just a few links that I have come across during research, and I intend to ad to them as the project rolls on.


A great site featuring a collection of many HAM shacks from around the world.

Halifax Amateur Radio Club 

Halifax’s own Amateur Radio Club

Radio Free Northwood 

A great article by Sue Carter Flinn on the Radio Station in the Northwood senior’s home in Halifax.

Ice Shanty

Because ice fishing and radio listening go hand in hand.

Larry Wilson’s DEW Line Sites In Canada Alaska & Greenland 

Russian Military Outposts: The Russian Woodpecker

Info on the Russian Woodpecker, built to interfere with Western radio propaganda

Forest M. Mims III Homepage  

CFAT Intro to electronics workshop instructor Wes Johnson referred me to this. amazing!

How To Construct a Portable Station

A great step by step visual on the topic.

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